COVID-19 Affects on Logistics

Astra Supply Chain Message Regarding COVID-19 visit

A Message from Astra Supply Chain

The COVID-19 virus has become a global pandemic which has greatly affected the global supply chain.  The full impact of the virus to the entire transportation industry has yet to be realized, but based on the current situation impacting the United States imports/exports with China and Europe is a good indicator of things to come domestically.

International air and ocean cargo capacity is extremely tight due to closure and/or limited trade routes.  The reduced capacity has caused sharp increases in air cargo rates with no transit time guarantees.

The impact on domestic cargo capacity will continue to tighten as the COVID-19 virus continues to impact the states.  Your partners at Astra Supply Chain are closely monitoring the available capacity and have been directly involved with our logistics partners to ensure our abilty to meeti your transportation needs during this time.  Astra Supply Chain is continuing to operate at full capacity and are closely monitoring the situation as it pertains to the economy, trade, and logistics.   

We will provide periodic updates to you as it pertains to changes in domestic and international transportation capacity, our services, and how the COVID-19 situation continues to affect the industry.

Sharon McTurk